Finding Weird is a podcast about exploring your innate creativity and learning that Weird is Wonderful! If you’ve been searching for the motivation to try something new and afraid of what others might think, this is the show for you. We’ll explore common barriers to self-expression, pleasant surprises in search of fun new hobbies, and hear from others who decided that now was the time to shrug off the stigma of mental health, square their shoulders, and get unabashedly Weird.

About the Host

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Hey there! My lifelong journey with mental health and being Weird has led me to putting my thoughts out there into the ether (aether, air, beyond?) for all to hear. I am passionate about those who've lived on the fringes of the social environment and who have been labeled as "other". My goal is to make this show something that you can find comfort in, laugh at, and interact with. I am always open to constructive feedback so feel free to email me your thoughts, concerns, or a fun Dad Joke!