Feb. 1, 2022

Episode 24 - Voice Act Your Age!

Episode 24 - Voice Act Your Age!

Show Notes:

Welcome back for Episode 24!  Today, I want to share with you my interview with co-creator Chris Burnside and voice talent Stephen Gogol, and Jordan Lopez from Dayton Writer’s Movement’s The Hidden People audio drama. I have to be honest that this interview almost brought me to tears because there is nothing more fun than sitting around with a bunch of hilarious, creative people. This interview is, as always, included in its entirety and we let the clock run on entertainment. It is a long one and I won’t fault anyone for taking this one in chunks, but if you need to smile, this is the one. Stick around after the interview for some Dad Jokes of the Week. If your podcast player can see chapters, I’ll put some markers in so that you can navigate around the longer episode. Enjoy!

For next week, I am going to talk a little about self-love, no not that kind, and gratitude. Two things that can help us reframe out thoughts and give us a mood boost that may be the kick in the pants we need to get finding our new destiny! If you have some thoughts about this, email, tweet, or come to the website at www.findingweird.com and click on the microphone in the bottom right corner to leave me a voicemail message! I may even feature your audio in the next episode!

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Jordan LopezProfile Photo

Jordan Lopez

Voice actor, producer, director, and singer of the Dayton Writers Movement for 7 years. Star of The Hidden People and Unwritten podcasts.

Stephen GogolProfile Photo

Stephen Gogol

Voice Talent

I began my voice acting career working on local podcasts. I am currently playing one of my favorite roles in The Hidden People as the lovable comic relief, Alfie. During this time, I trained under the professional voices of Universal Voice Talent. Off mic, I enjoy watching sports or e-sports, or running tabletop games with friends. To hear more of what I am up to, follow me on social media.

Chris BurnsideProfile Photo

Chris Burnside

Creative Director

Chris is the co-founder and creative director of Dayton Writers Movement, creators of the audio dramas Unwritten, The Hidden People, and Catharsis. Chris also teaches writing at the University of Dayton.