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Chelsie Engle

Certified Enneagram Coach

Former educator turned certified Enneagram Coach who turned my weird hobby into a job! I help unlock the power of the enneagram to help clients beat stress and overwhelm. My therapist introduced it to me and the rest is history. I had been an elementary teacher and instructional coach for 11 years and had found myself deep in the throws of stress and overwhelm. After therapy and specific growth work guided by the Enneagram I have much better handle on my daily stress! I love sharing this unique and powerful tool with others that helps them under their core motivations behind their behavior.

April 7, 2022

Episode 28 - The Enneagram and You!

Show Notes: Welcome back for Episode 28! Today, I interviewed Chelsie Engle of Elite Enneagram Coaching . She approached me to p…

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