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An excellent new podcast that I really enjoyed being on! Every episode is about a new way of being weird. Pick a topic you want to hear about from the episode list and go listen to it! I can't wait for more to come out.

What a welcoming vibe!

What an amazing concept for a podcast! I have not listened to such a great mental health/ accepting podcast! The topics they cover is not only interesting, but the stories are so personal and real! Keep up the good work, truly this is such an amazing pod!

5 stars

Really fun show! The host has a huge variety of guests and cover all kinds of topics. I really enjoyed the episode about YouTube. Subscribed!

Great host with an amazing show

Not only is the host amazing at interviewing guests but he is also just naturally likable. Finding Weird is a fantastic show introducing hobbies that could be considered “weird.” If you’re looking for something new to do, this is the go to podcast!

Embrace your inner weird!

Love this show!!!

Great idea for a podcast

This podcast is a melding of two things I’m always intrigued by: mental health issues and being weirdo. I’ve embraced the notion of being a weirdo and I’m probably a pretty tame weirdo. I look forward to listening beyond the introductory episode to see how these topics get explored. Also, the host has a perfect podcasting voice — and honestly, as someone who consumes a lot of podcasts, that’s important!

It’s a great day to be weird!

The host has a great podcast voice and his open hearted nature makes the podcast feel like talking to a good friend.

Hope It’s Good Enough

Wow!I I had already really enjoyed this podcast but episode four “ hope it’s good enough” really hit home for me. Specifically, the description of YOUR experiences with anxiety sound very similar to mine. However, I have always just chalked it up to you that’s just who I am?!?! Of course I have tried to manage it with coping skills which works to a degree but my brain NEVER stops & when I can’t manage it I really beat myself up for being SO WEIRD & AWKWARD! Oh, the cycle. Anyway, I have always been resistant to exploring medication because that means acknowledging a real problem; however this episode has nudged me into wanting to have a conversation with a psychiatrist about exploring potential medication management options that may be helpful for me. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your experiences with us in addition to the MH basics. I appreciate your willingness to just be human.


I wish this podcast had been around when I was a teenager. If I had had the tools back then to maintain my mental health while embracing all those things that made me weird (instead of trying to change who I was in order to “fit in”), that would have created a whole new landscape for me. But it’s here now, and thank god for that! I love that this podcast is bringing so much awareness to the beauty of uniqueness in a culture that so often begs, bullies, and coerces us to conform.

Love this!

Eric has a great way of being down to earth, having humor, and genuinely being kind about difficult topics like depression. Check it out!!

Weirdos Unite!

I love the concept of finding your weird and how it aligns with personal values and destiny. Eric not only has a great voice (which makes this an easy listen) but he is also excellent about approaching topics like mental health with just the right amount of light heartedness and seriousness. “Weird” can include many topics so I’m looking forward to more interesting things to explore and guests to come!

Love it!

This is added to my list of weekly podcasts to keep up with! Eric is extremely well spoken and I thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes. Cannot wait to see what weirdness there in the future!

Family of Weirdos!

Loved hearing about the possible topics and conversations to be had on Finding Weird! I can’t wait to tune in for the second episode and leaning in to my weird self more than ever. I’d love to hear of ways to not only broaden my scope of weirdness, but further encourage my children to embrace their weird and find confidence in it. I’m looking forward to listening and learning something new each week! Super excited for this journey!

We love weirdos!

This podcast is great! I’m so excited to learn about weird and fun hobbies. And happy to learn from Eric who is well spoken, funny and of course really weird.

Worth a Listen

Honest, authentic, vulnerable, and witty. I felt welcomed into this tribe of weirdos. Looking forward to exploring be intersection of mental health and wonderfully weird identities. Thanks Eric for sharing your weird.

Well, I guess I’m a weirdo…

Super interesting podcast idea! Can’t wait to hear more about accepting all of the weirdness in myself. Host seems genuine, relatable and just sarcastic enough.